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DIY A Smart Apartment For Less Than $100

Wish that you could afford to have a smart home with all of the bells and whistles? Do you just wish you had a larger home in general? If you’ve got a smaller space and want to make that space a smart apartment, it is a lot easier than you believe to be. If you want to DIY your own smart apartment for less than $100 you have to be smart about the type of media that you want to consume. It can be easy for the cost of automating your home to start to run away when costly monthly subscriptions are added as an expense.

Decide What You Want to Watch

Do you need live sports? Then maybe a premium sports subscription or Youtube TV is the way to go for you. Prefer a romantic comedy or long TV series? Then may it is a wiser move to go with Netflix. Either way you want to make sure that the subscription that you choose is going to match your lifestyle. If you already have a music subscription service, that is great! You could also look to Pandora as a free option in order to bring additional media into your living space. In order to do this yourself for less than $100, it is recommended to choose just one paid subscription for your media. In this case, I would recommend paying for Netflix, bonus points if you can mooch off of someone else, and combine that with the free music capabilities of Pandora.

How to Set Up Google Home Mini and Chromecast

In order to DIY your way into a smart apartment that will charm all of your visitors, you will need to purchase two devices. The first is the Google Home Mini. At first look, this little speaker seems underwhelming, but for $35 this speaker packs a punch. The Google Home Mini will act as the hubn of your smart apartment. With the simple commands of either “Hey google” or “Okay google” you will be able to control the media within your home. Additionally, Google Home Mini integrates with the Google Assistant smart phone application. This makes the Google Home Mini a voice assistant that can help you make lists, set alarms and look up additional information.

The second device that must be purchased in order to better control your apartment is a Chromecast. Chromecast runs for between $20-$35 depending on where you are able to find discounts. Chromecast allows for you to control the video on your TV through your smart phone. The most crucial aspect of the Chromecast is that it is compatible with the Google Home Mini. This means that you can control what is playing on Netflix on ANY TELEVISION with just your voice. Simply say, “hey Google, play stranger things on netflix,” and “boom” the next five hours of your life are gone without having to lift a remote.

If you want to DIY your own smart apartment, the easy steps to do so are right above. Based on the set up described above you are looking a a total of $55-$80 depending on your Netflix scenario and how good of a deal that you are able to find on a Chromecast. With that total, you could even grab another premium subscription service and stil stay under the $100 to make your apartment a whole lot easier to use. Want to learn more about home automation? Turn to Philadelphia’s best home automation company for more information. mySmartHomePhilly aims to educate customers so that they know all of the possibilities and capabilities that are laid out before them. Whether you come to use for information, or for set up, we are here to help!