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How to Save Over $100 On Your Cable Bill Instantly

Normally you see an article headline like this and think SPAM! Most times, you would be right. This time is not one of those times. Are you sick and tired of paying a massive cable bill that somehow magically increases in cost each month? Have you ever thought that maybe it was time we stop paying for channels that we don’t actually use? If so, you’ve likely looked for a cord cutting option before. Now, Philadelphians have a unique opportunity to save a massive amount on their cable bill.

It was either jest by Youtube, or an interesting coincidence, that one of the first markets that Youtube TV is released in is Comcast’s own backyard. Philadelphia now has the option to cut their cable cord and get unlimited screens to watch from any number of devices that they may wish. Youtube TV is the product that is offering just this to the city of Philadelphia.

Tell Me How to Save On My Comcast Bill

The easiest way to save on your comcast bill is switching to Youtube TV. Youtube TV costs only $35-per-month. That’s right! $35 per-month gets live sports, local channels and many of the premium cable channels that you would generally enjoy. For $35/month channels included are FX, Bravo, HGTV, E!, NBC Sports, cable news, major broadcasters and more! To get some of these same channels with the cable company, you may have to spend over $200-per-month.

If Youtube TV is something that is of interest to you, mySmartHomePhilly can help to discuss how Youtube TV fits into your greater audio/video network design.

Feeling left out if you want to use Amazon products in your home? Don’t worry, you can still save over $100 on your cable bill too! Hulu integrates with both Amazon and Google devices allowing for the streaming of live TV.

Combine either of the above live TV streaming options with other premium options including NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO and much more! Finally, the day has arrived where you only have to pay for the channels that you actually want. With this change can come a huge savings to your cable bill every month.