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Voice Device Integration

Why are executives able to get so much done during each day? With all of the small tasks that bog down your time, it seems impossible to get what you need done and stay organised. This is where voice assistant set up in your home can be the missing cog to take your productivity to the next level.

Whether you are looking to integrate the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa into your life, Philadelphia’s mySmartHomePhilly can start. We are your go to solution for voice assistant set up. We work with you to ensure that all of the possible integrations are in place to fully take advantage of your voice assistant.

Voice Assistant Benefits and Capabilities Set Up Pricing
Google Assistant
  1. Three tiers of Google Home devices
  2. Connectivity to Google Wi-Fi
  3. Wireless speakers ranging small to large
Amazon Alexa
  1. Three tiers of Amazon Echo devices
  2. Large range of accessory items
  3. Wireless, bluetooth speakers

Purchasing and setting up a voice assistant can seem daunting, but not with the help of Philadelphia’s mySmartHomePhilly. We make sure that the implementation of your voice assistant is easy, but also intuitive for your own use. We make sure that everything works not just while we’re there, but once we’ve left as well.

Not sure whether Alexa or the Google Assistant is better for you? We understand! Speak with us and we can make a recommendation of which voice assistant you should have installed based on what you want for your home.

Starting on the path to a voice assistant is easy in Philadelphia when you reach out to mySmartHomePhilly to help plan your set up.

Google Assistant Set Up

Google’s version of a voice assistant is the Google Assistant. Google Assistant is available in both a male and female voice depending on your preference. Google Assistant integrates directly to your smart phone through a mobile application and connects to the voice devices within your home. Google’s residential voice devices come in three sizes. The smallest is the Google Home Mini, despite it’s small stature, this speaker packs a punch. A level up from the Home Mini is the upright standing Google Home and finally the much larger Google Home Max. While the dot’s speaker size can serve many spaces well, the Google Home Max can be the set up to an amazing party atmosphere!

Amazon Alexa Set Up

Another option for Philadelphia residents who want to integrate smart voice devices into their home is Amazon Echo powered by the voice assistant Alexa. Amazon has matching levels of speakers with Google at very similar price points. Amazon’s version of the Home Mini is the Echo Dot, while their Amazon Echo mirrors that of the Google Home. Lastly, the Amazon Echo Plus is the highest end of Amazon’s devices, but is a smaller speaker when compared with Google’s Home Max. Amazon also has voice assistant powered video communication devices which are newer than the voice integration models. Ask us about the benefits of those as well!

Apple HomePod Set Up

Apple is building anticipation for their voice assistant device the Apple HomePod. This has yet to be released, but mySmartHome will be the voice assistant set up company for any Philadelphian who is looking to use the Apple version of the product.

No matter the type of device or home configuration that you need for your voice devices, the one Philadelphia company to turn to is mySmartHome. We walk you through, step-by-step, the process to take your home into future!