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Lighting Integration

Whether its a lazy Sunday morning, or a romantic Thursday evening, lighting always makes the difference. In order to create the right environment in your home, the exact brightness and color that you want can be allusive to attain. Setting up smart lightbulbs can make controlling this environment and lighting a breeze. Not only does this allow you to dim and power lights with just the touch of a button, but you can also integrate these smart lightbulbs with your smart home’s voice assistant set up.

Smart Dimming Lightbulbs

Lighting makes all of the difference when it comes to setting mood and one of the most common lighting changes to make is dimming lights. Forget the expensive electrical work necessary to create a dimming switch. In addition to dimming lights to just the right level using your voice or smart phone, different color lights can be used to make your home look perfect for an upcoming party. Smart lightbulb set up is less labor intensive and can help to greatly reduce the energy costs that you have every month.

Smart Lightbulb Set Up Saves On Bills

Do the kids always leave the light on when the leave the house? Bathroom light on at night? These are things of the past when you upgrade your home to a smart home. Setting up smart lightbulbs allows you to turn off the lights remotely from anywhere! All of that wasted energy is a thing of the past. If you also combine the your lighting set up with that of other smart home components, you can create even greater control over the power being used in your home. In Philadelphia you can now harness that control to reduce your energy bills and pay less each month.

Unlike voice devices, there is a lot greater competition in the lightbulb market. This makes smart lightbulbs less expensive than they have historically been. Not only do you get the great energy savings that is presented by controlling when the lights are on and off, but you are also getting inherently more energy efficient technology. These lightbulbs are long lasting and easy to find replacements for. It is only a matter of time before all lightbulbs in the home, become smart lightbulbs.