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Media Integration

Having a personal assistant around to provide hands-free assistance is great, but the way to make a house your home is the integration of all of that great media. Whether it is playing music while taking a soothing bath, or seamlessly controlling all of the march madness games without lifting a finger, meda integration is absolutely crucial to making your home a smart home.

Perhaps the best benefit of switching to a smart home is the reduction in your cable bill that can occur over the course of a month. By utilising streaming subscriptions Philadelphia home owners can get all of the shows, movies and sports that they want and only pay for those that they want! No more paying the cable company for 5,000 channels that you do not ever use.

Voice Assistant Audio/Video Integrations Monthly Subscription Pricing
Google Assistant
  1. Video powered through Chromecast
  2. Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV & More
  3. Integration with smart televisions
Amazon Alexa
  1. Video powered through Fire TV
  2. Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Music & More
  3. Integration with smart televisions

Both Google and Amazon have very similar offerings when it comes to their video and audio integrations. There are some major differences that should be considered prior to designing the audio/video network in your smart home. A technician from mySmartHome can walk you through this entire process by discussing the typical ways that you utilise audio and video within your home.

Not sure whether Google or Amazon based media products are better for you? mySmartHome understands! Speak with us and we can make a recommendation of which brand you should have installed based on what you want for your home.

Youtube TV and Google Streaming Set Up

The main difference, especially in Philadelphia, between the capabilities of Google and Amazon is Google’s launch of Youtube TV. Youtube TV is a flat $35 per month for many of the mainstream cable channels that people typically watch. This app integrates directly with Google Home and Google Chromecast. Youtube TV is only available in some markets and Philadelphia is one of those markets which Youtube TV is available. Reach out to mySmartHomePhilly to learn more about Youtube TV and how its integration into your smart home can save you on your monthly cable bill.

Prime Video and Amazon Streaming Set Up

Amazon has its own video streaming platform, but it does not have the same capabilities as Youtube TV. Prime Video does offer a bevy of movies and tv shows that are a great add for those who are not necessarily locked into live televsiion. For those who are looking for live television through an audio video network that is set up around the Fire TV there is an option available. Hulu is compatible with Amazon Alexa, however; Hulu is also available through Google Home and is not unique to the Amazon platform.

No matter the type of device or home configuration that you need for your audio video network design needs, the one Philadelphia company to turn to is mySmartHome. We walk you through, step-by-step, the process to take your home into future! Stop living in the 90’s! Step into the future and become a master of your home with the integration of smart technology including a smart network design for your audio video needs.