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Make life easier for yourself by investing in the technology of today. You can now control your home from your fingertips making saving energy easy and controlling your environment a snap. We can help to walk you through product selection, implementation and daily usage! Stop living in the past and start living in the comfort of the future by making your home a Philadelphia smart home.

amazon echo plus

Voice Device Integration

Get the personal assistant you need and run your home like a boss!

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smart tv set up

Media Integration

A smart home is nothing without the streaming and audio integrations!

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smart light bulb set up

Lighting Integration

Control the level of lighting and save easily on your monthly energy bill.

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Taking advantage of technological advances to automate your home experience is not just something that can improve your convenience, but their is also energy savings that can occur by moving towards a smart home. Consulting an experienced home automation company will allow for you to understand the current smart home capabilities and which of those match to the needs of your home.
Avoid the frustration and hassle of having to research products, figure out how to install them and then struggle to use them. At the end of the day you will wish you had never spent the money. Choosing a company that can assist you through all aspects of home automation makes the transition to a smart home smooth and effortless.The multi-tasking capabilities are endless when it comes to home automation. Whether it is voice assistant devices like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, custom Wi-Fi controls and smart thermostats; the smart technology that you have at your fingertips can be endless. Our company is ready to handle those automation seekers who know which products their looking for, or the novice who wants an easier lifestyle by making their home a smart home.

Voice Assistants

TV, Video & Audio

Lighting & Power

Smart Thermostats

Voice Assistants (Google & Alexa)

Voice Assistants

Music, Internet & Cable Streaming

Media Streaming

Household Lighting & Power Control

Household Control

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

Choosing the right company to plan and execute your smart home can be a difficult undertaking. mySmartHome holds your hand throughout the entire process! We provide you with the information you need to make your life easier with home automation, but keep the technical information from overwhelming you. Our smart home designers map out the necessary equipment and capabilities for the need of your home. Each of our designs is custom curated just for you and your family.

Our home automation designers can even help you to navigate the difficult decision of whether to choose Google, Amazon or Apple products. mySmartHome helps you make the decision by taking into account your needs and budget. Our designers work with you to make the decision process as easy and stress free as possible. Once we have completed the initial decision phase, our designer takes over the entire installation process. Once installation is complete, we walk you through exactly how to use all of your new devices. The best part is that we stand behind our smart home automation after the job is complete! Want to add more to your network? Forgot how to use a feature? We’re here to help you!